beginning september 18th!

The 8 Week Warrior Challenge is TFW-Dupage's signature program meant to kickstart YOU back into a better life.  From as little as 3 days a week, you can truly change the landscape of who you currently are in your mind, body, and spirit.

This warrior challenge is designed to ignite a fire under your belly, and to get you moving better, feeling better and living better.  It's never too late to rapidly jump start fat loss, get super strong & feel like you can do anything!

Training For Warriors-Dupage only offers the warrior challenge program a few times per year to people who are ready to BRING OUT THE WARRIOR WITHIN.  If you're ready to lose fat, build muscle, and feel great again - then this may be the program you're looking for.

If you are READY to make some sustainable changes in your life then you must possess the following:

+ A positive attitude

+ Are looking to look and feel better in your clothes

+ Are looking to build bulletproof real-world strength

+ Are able to commit to training 3 times per week

+ Are looking to be part of something STRUCTURED and SAFE

+ Want to be part of something ENCOURAGING and POSITIVE

+ Are okay with a little sweat and a lot of high-fives!

+ Are willing to get comfortable being uncomfortable