The Main Reason Why Your Diet Is Failing


The Main Reason Why Your Diet Is Failing

Are you frustrated because your most recent diet has just failed? Are you always stuck in a constant cycle of starting a diet, only to fail a few days or week after? We've all been there. We’ll be take a look at the main reason as to why you are failing and hopefully kick start your diet in a new direction!

Most people fail because they are not planning specifically, accurately and intricately enough. Many people start off cutting out fried and fatty food, thinking that is enough. Unfortunately, that is not the best approach.

Regardless of the diet, you must always have an outcome that you wish to see come into fruition from the diet. When you start a diet, start with the goal and end result.

Another reason your diet is failing is because you tried to take on too much at once. When you don’t plan, you tend to plunge right into the centre of the diet in full force, hoping that somehow your willpower will see you through.

That will never work because your body is biologically inclined to satiate itself. You have to take it slow and start planning for the various events that could occur. This means taking into account variances for the day, the amount of energy needed by your body and tracking the food you eat. When you don’t plan for your diet, you miss out on all these aspects and are naturally predisposed to failure.

Even the most intricate planning will not lead to a successful diet if you fail to have this – discipline. You have to have the discipline to follow through with the planning. In the past, you may have failed because you thought you lacked the discipline, but now that you have a plan, all you have to do is follow it. There are no excuses, just plain following of rules. Once you master discipline, you will never fail another diet ever again!

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5 Apps That Can Help You Stay in Shape


5 Apps That Can Help You Stay in Shape

Staying in shape requires a lot of effort, but you can make it easier for yourself! Using your smartphone, here are five apps that can help you stay in shape with the click of a button!


This is a must have for every health enthusiast or those that count their macronutrients religiously, MyFitnessPal is the world class standard for tracking the food you eat. Not only does MyFitnessPal allow you to scan the barcode of food items, but you are able to manually input and even take the data entered by other users for your tracking. It's truly a convenient app for those who wish to take their diet to the next level!


Staying in shape includes getting adequate rest, and that means tracking your sleep cycle is equally as important as that of your nutrients. SleepBot functions as a sleep cycle tracker and smart alarm, allowing you to track the quality of your sleep as well as wake up smoothly for a good work out. If you work out early in the morning, SleepBot is the perfect app for you. You’ll never have a bad workout in the morning once you start using this!


RunKeeper allows outdoor enthusiasts track their workout such as running, walking or even cycling with build in goal setters and personalized schedules to ensure you stay motivated and on track. It also allows you to sync your Spotify playlist with the app so you never feel short of motivation on any of your runs.


Jefit is a fitness and bodybuilding app that helpds you stay in shape through its tracking services. With a variety of functions such as personalized workout routines, tracking and recording, synchronization with social media and weight and rep recording, this is the perfect app for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to learn more about themselves through their workouts. Jefit has all the necessary functions that you need for success!


If you enjoy eating food that is both healthy and tasty, then Yummly is one of the few apps that you should get your hands on. With thousands of customized recipes, along with the classification of your cooking skills, you are able to easily whip up the dish with the help of this app. It's great for those trying to stay in shape with their dietary needs, Yummly will help you achieve your goals in no time!

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How To Set Your Fitness Goals This New Year


How To Set Your Fitness Goals This New Year

Have you always struggled with following through with your fitness goal in the new year? Setting your fitness goals doesn’t have to be a struggle every year, and following through with them shouldn't be either! 

Today, we will discuss some tips on how to set your fitness goals this new year so you can follow through with ease.

Be Specific with Your Goals

Before creating any goal or milestone, you have to be specific. Your goal shouldn't be as vague as “improving my fitness” because you will find a way to rationalize your decisions throughout the year in order to do less work, while still hoping to achieve your goals. Pick something so specific that you’ll have a hard time getting out of it. For example, “Hit a 50 lbs personal record for my squat” or “Run a mile under 7 minutes," which brings us to our next point…

Your Goal Has to Be Measurable

Having a measurable goal is the pathway to success because you’ll ultimately be able to track your progress and split your goals into smaller, more manageable milestones. Think about it, with a specific timing in mind, you’ll be able to inch your way towards this goal with each training session and actually see yourself improve. Not only does this boost motivation, but you can then continue to set new goals once you achieve your first one!

Reflect to See If Your Goal is Attainable

It is imperative that you take some time to reflect on whether or not your goals set for yourself are feasible. True, you could always aim higher, but changing your goals midway or not hitting your expectations can be very demotivating. You don’t want to give up halfway on your fitness goals altogether because it is simply unattainable!

Have Yourself a Deadline for Smaller Goals

You may have a complete year to achieve your fitness goals, but that doesn’t mean you have to take your sweet time with your progress. For smaller goals leading up to your final goal, consider setting a deadline every few weeks or months to hold yourself accountable for your progress. This way, you won’t lose sight of your goals and falter in your progress.

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The 20 Minute Workout That You Can Do Anywhere


The 20 Minute Workout That You Can Do Anywhere

Are you in need of a quick workout before heading out for your next holiday party? Maybe you’re stuck in another city, away from your regular gym and need a quick workout fix.

Try the following full body workout that only takes 20 minutes and will get you working up a sweat in no time. Typical rest times between each exercise is 30 seconds while rest times between sets are 20 seconds unless stated otherwise. Remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout the entire workout!

Body Weight Squat

Start off the workout with the body weight squats by keeping your hands straight in front of you and squatting down until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Throughout the entire movement, keep your chest upright and back in a neutral position, while ensuring your knees do not overshoot the front of your toes by too much. Go down into the squatting position slowly in three seconds before bursting back up to your standing position and squeezing your gluteal muscles. Your core should be kept tight at all times and repeat for 3 sets of 45.

Feet Elevated Push Ups and Normal Body Push Ups

Variation is the key to muscle growth, which explains why the normal push up is combined with elevated push ups to develop your upper body strength. Simply keep your hands apart at shoulder width and lower your body slowly to the ground in three seconds before bursting back up to the starting position. Perform 20 of these normal push ups before putting your legs up on something elevated like a chair. Repeat the exercise for another set of 20 before taking a break.


By planking, we don’t mean the fad that took the internet by storm a few years ago, but rather the classic fitness plank. If done correctly, planking engages the entire core of your body along with the chest and gluteus muscles. Start with your elbows on the floor and raise your body such that it is almost parallel to the floor. Don’t raise your buttocks up in the air, as that will take away the tension on your core muscles and place unnecessary pressure on your elbows. Hold that position for a minute before taking a break. Repeat for sets of 5.

Single Leg Deadlifts

Finish up the workout with some single leg deadlifts that will work your abdominals, hamstrings and lats. Start in a standing, upright position, keeping your core tight throughout the motion. Subsequently, lift one leg up and bend your body at your hips, as if you're reaching down to grab something while keeping your entire body, from the elevated leg to your upper body parallel to the ground. Hold for a second or two before reverting to your original position where you’ll feel a stretch in your hamstrings and glutes. Perform 20 of these deadlifts for each side of the leg before taking a 30 second rest.

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4 Winter Activities That Burn Over 500 Calories


4 Winter Activities That Burn Over 500 Calories

Winter is coming, and that means it’s time to go out there and participate in some fun winter activities! If you thought that these activities are just meant for fun, think again. The following five winter activities are perfect for burning calories while enjoying the festive season with your friends and family. 


Snowboarding is one of the most popular winter sports and is great for building strength, muscular endurance, and balance, all while taking in the exhilarating thrill of the sport. Similar to wakeboarding, snowboarding downhill is a great way to burn those calories (as much as 430 calories per hour) while giving your leg and core an awesome workout. A bonus is that you get to enjoy some beautiful sceneries while snowboarding down the mountainside.


If you're worried that you won’t be able to get a good run in during this winter, you can relax because skiing is the next best alternative to running in the snow. Skiing works as an upper and lower body workout, and allows you to put your stamina to the test while enjoying the beautiful cityscape by the countryside. With up to 600 calories burned per hour depending on your speed, skip your treadmill session this winter!

Ice Hockey

What could be better than hockey and ice skating together? Well, Ice Hockey of course! This extremely fast paced and the intensive game will leave you kicking up a sweat in no time. Burning up to 500 calories per hour, this winter activity can take the place of your elliptical workout any day of the week!


If downhill activities like snowboarding and skiing are not your thing, perhaps snowshoeing would be perfect for you. Snowshoeing is much like hiking, except you hike up a variety of terrains that could be especially challenging in the winter. Great for people that love to explore scenic locations, snowshoeing can easily burn up to 550 calories per hour of activity!

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