We all have something that we want more than anything in the world. Obviously, just like everyone, I have goals and aspirations waiting to be fulfilled. We all have that one thing, that one goal that seems unattainable. However, at the same time, we visualize ourselves already at the finish line with the goal accomplished. It’s like there’s just something missing in between the vision and actually attaining the goal. It’s called WORK! I stumbled upon a quote recently and it really hit home.


Save this picture to your phone as motivation for this week and a reminder to stick to your plan.


TFW Familia, I urge you to strive towards that goal. Work harder for the goal you want to achieve. Don’t half-ass it. You want to lose those 20lbs? It’s time to really focus on the food coming from the kitchen. You want to hit a new PR? Put a little extra weight on the bar. Do not be afraid of failing.

I challenge all of you: Set a goal. Something that you’ve yet to achieve and are going to work towards over the next 2 weeks. Now, go out and give it everything you’ve got…and then some!  Do something you’ve never tried before to attain your goal. Let’s roll into November with momentum, crushing our goals, and blasting some new PR’s.

Remember, when setting goals, they need to be S.M.A.R.T…


Your Coach,


P.S. Comment below with your goals for the next 2 weeks! Here are mine:

  • Successful meal prep for the next 2 weeks. (20 meals for the week prepared each Sunday)
  • 5 Workouts each week, Monday-Friday
  • 10 minutes of additional stretching after each workout

If you see me, hold me accountable! Ask me how my two week challenge is going!