TFW from our clients’ perspectives. What better way to continue to strengthen our “familia” bond than to get to know each other more? We are all in this (sometimes crazy) place together. So, I introduce to you, our monthly client blog! Every month, we will have a different client featured (if you are interested, send me a message or email!).

Who better to start with than Dave, the man that had the idea? I hope that you all enjoy this as much as I do, and I can’t wait to continue to learn more and more about our “familia” here at TFW.

Again, thank you all for the continued support. We truly couldn’t do any of this without you all.



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“TFW to Me” - Dave Knickerbocker

I resisted for about an entire calendar year. My friend Colin kept telling me about this gym that he was a part of that was right down the street from where I lived. Telling me to try it and that he was getting in fantastic shape. I knew where it was. I’d been to Mr. G’s. Been to the liquor store more than I should have. But I stayed away. Truthfully, I was scared that I would embarrass myself in front of my friend and a bunch of strangers.  

I don't think you can get better motivation.

I don't think you can get better motivation.

But there was a harsh reality. I had a sense of who my true self was but I was not seeing that person in the mirror or in photographs. I basically stopped being in photographs altogether, which really is sad considering I had two little kids and we were having experiences together. My moment came when I tried on a suit that was always my “go to” suit, when maybe I had put on a few pounds. And it was tight.  I was mad and depressed. Then, I took out my cell phone and texted my friend Colin and said, “I want to try it out.”  

I never felt intimidated or out of place. I always felt welcome and like I was amongst supportive people.

The next morning at 5:25 AM, I was in the parking lot in my car, not sure how this worked. Colin came outside and waved me in. The first day I was there it was myself, Colin, Rich, and Chris. I was so bad that Josh held me back when the others went and ran. I could barely do one MMA. But I got picked up. By Josh, and by the people in the class. I never felt intimidated or out of place. I always felt welcome and like I was amongst supportive people.  

Fast forward one year. I am proud to say that I am in the best shape of my life. Also, the ability to pass on to others the kind of support that Josh, Colin, Chris, Rich, Mike, Julie and Deb gave me when I first started has been so rewarding. I love coming in the morning and making new friends at our class. It is the one hour of the day where I’m not thinking about e-mails, commutes or deadlines. Our workouts, though, have also affected every part of my life.  Since I feel better about myself, it has touched every part of who I am as a husband, father, and as a professional. It’s been one of the most important things I’ve ever done.  

I hope we can use this blog to get to know a little bit more about the personal side of everyone, so here’s me: I started a video production company called Banner Collective about three years ago. Prior to that, I worked for the Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Cubs. My wife Kim and I went to high school together and dated in high school. After a break, in which I tell people she needed to gain some maturity :), we started dating in 2003 after reconnecting one day in Wrigleyville and have basically spent every single day of our lives together ever since.  

We have two kids. Our daughter Elena is 5 years old and has visited the gym a few times. She loves coming there and has a tradition at the end of class to collect every single pink and purple item she can find and make her own station. Our little boy Johnny is 2. 

Your fellow warrior,



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