Struggle with nutrition during the holidays? Maybe these tips can help... Day 1 of Fitmas

Day 2

Plan Your Parties



Drink Water - Drinking lots of water not only flushes toxins from your system but it also fills you up. The body often misinterprets thirst for hunger. Carrying a bottle of water with you not only will help reduce the urge to eat, but will also leave you feeling full faster.

Holiday Drinks - Alcohol has a lot of calories, as does eggnog, punch, and soft drinks - therefore you should try to limit these. If you are a soda drinker, try to incorporate seltzer and maybe mix it with a little bit of juice. If you must have eggnog, try to limit yourself to one glass and if making it yourself, try using non-fat milk.


Look at your calendar of upcoming parties and rank them. Choose the parties that you want to let loose at and identify the ones where you can go easy.


Raise your hand to be the DD! Your friends will thank you (seriously!), your body will thank you (no weight gain!) and your head will thank you (no hangover!). Score!


Why, fiddle dee dee! Do as Scarlett O’Hara does and eat a healthy meal before you go! Don’t put off eating well during the day knowing there is a massive buffet waiting for you that evening. By eating a meal before, you aren’t starving upon arrival and hovering over the crab dip all night. You also can be confident in eating well which allows you to make controlled choices throughout the night. Balance is our friend!

If your party will take place at a restaurant where you will be faced with choices, check the menu online and make a decision before you go. All too often, we get caught up in “food envy” and what other people are ordering, which results in making rushed or bad decisions. Stay on top of your meals by making the healthier choice. There might even be room for dessert!

Eating slower will also help you make a conscious effort to put your knife and fork down between each bite! It takes some getting used to, but give it a go. Try not to pick up your utensils until you have swallowed EVERY last bite of food in your mouth.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll politely say “No thanks!” to dessert because there really is NO ROOM in your belly. Less dessert + more healthy food = happy body. Simple.

Don’t worry about finishing everything on your plate. In fact, challenge yourself to NOT eat everything you are served for one party and see what happens. We all know that “too full” feeling makes us feel bloated and yucky – and more importantly, it gets in the way of getting jiggy on the dance floor! So try to leave the table feeling lighter. The DJ will also thank you!

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