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Day 3

Get Good At The Basics

It's a merry time of year for a reason. You're supposed to ENJOY the holidays. So relax, spend time with family and friends. I just want to use Day 3 of Fitmas to remind you of 8 basic concepts that can add balance to your day without taking up more time. 




1. Skip the bread and crackers - I mean seriously, dinner rolls are dinner rolls. Wait patiently for your starter and fill up on water. Instead of eating that baked brie with crackers, grab a carrot. What I’m saying is, try to balance the good with the not-as-good.


2. Identify your weaknesses - We all have one… or two… ok…maybe I have three… (shhh). We’re talking about your mom’s lemon meringue pie or your sister-in-law’s chocolate peanut butter balls – there is always something that can bring you to your knees. For my family, my mom’s banana cream pie is out of this world. Funny thing is that we have all eaten this thing at least a million times. But yet, when it is finally served, we DEVOUR the thing in minutes. Why DO we do this? No idea. But I think I will blame it on my brother.


3. Water is your friend - Ask your host or bartender for a glass of warm water (with lemon if possible) immediately BEFORE devouring the feast in front of you. This trick will fill you up and will discourage “your eyes to be hungrier than your stomach!”


4. Get your workouts in - Come visit us at TFW! Sign up for a class and sweat it out! Better yet, take advantage of our Holiday Promo: insert introductory promo here. Christmas has come early – Score! The more activity you can fit in over the holidays, the better. And if you do decide to indulge that day, you will have earned your drinks and sweets. No guilt here! Sweeeeeeeeet!


5. Make Exercise a Family Affair - Post-feast, encourage your family to do something active, whether it’s a stroll around the neighborhood or a game of tag football. Getting some movement will help ease digestion, warding off that bloated and “blah” feeling after the big meal. Plus, you might burn off some calories while you’re at it!


6. Be Efficient - During the holidays, when schedules are jam-packed with social obligations, work, and long to-do lists, you probably don’t have hours to devote to working out. For efficiency’s sake, focus on quick but intense total-body workouts that blast hundreds of calories in a short amount of time. HIIT is a great tool for cramming in a great workout when you’re pressed for time.


7. Alternate Cocktails with Water - It’s okay to enjoy a cocktail (or two!) on occasion, but be sure to sip on H20 between beverages. Staying hydrated minimizes alcohol’s effects, saving you from the ravages of a nasty hangover and also preventing you from becoming a little, well, over-served. After all, nobody wants to be that person dancing on the table at the office party, right?


8. Take Advantage of Nutritionally Dense Holiday Foods - Certain holiday staples, such as cranberries, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts, are incredibly nutritious. Focus on consuming these healthy foods and limiting the amount of “white” foods on your plate (bread, mashed potatoes, mac ‘n cheese). A good rule of thumb? The more colorful the food, the more nutritious.