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Day 6

Productivity- Let's Get Things Done!


1. Act Like a Kid - Childhood winter favorites like sledding, snowball fights, and ice-skating get the heart pumping. Head outside for a sneaky (and super fun) workout.

2. Be a Mall Rat - With a mile-long to-do list before the big holiday get-together, there’s just no time for exercise, right? Wrong-o: Simply lace up your sneakers and power walk between errands (this is especially doable at a mall or shopping center.)

3. Cut the Rug - Being the first person on the dance floor at the holiday party means you’re A) the coolest person in the room and B) getting your rear in gear.

4. Do Some DIY Yard Work - Whether it’s raking leaves or shoveling snow, yard work is an unexpected way to get the heart rate up and work out major muscle groups.

5. Watch TV - Yep, sometimes hanging out in front of the tube can be good for you. If the weather outside is truly frightful, pop in a workout DVD (or for a cheaper version, pull up a YouTube fitness video) and get sweaty. Or, use TV time to work on mobility and recovery by foam rolling, icing, or stretching out with straps.

6. Work Towards a Goal - Set a specific, tangible goal to accomplish during the holiday season. There are 35 days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, which is the perfect amount of time to really nail that push-up form, learn to do Crow pose, or master an 8-minute mile. Or, you know, any other fitness goal that strikes your fancy.

7. Eat A Balance Of Macronutrients - Do not cut out any food groups as you will most likely be hungry and eat foods that your body doesn't really need. If you are hungry, fill up on protein and veggies as protein increases your metabolism by up to 20% and veggies take more calories to digest than what they contain.

8. Eat Your Regularly Scheduled Meals - If you skip meals in preparation for a family gathering and the buffet of food set out at a holiday party, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Make sure that you eat all of your meals and that the carbohydrates in all of these meals have a low glycemic index; especially breakfast as research indicates that people who eat a breakfast with low glycemic carbs, will typically eat significantly less food and have more stable energy levels than those who do not.

9. Limit Your Time In Front Of The Television Set - Rather than sitting in front of the television set when you have some free time, spend time with the ones you love by visiting them or giving them a call. In this manner, you will not be influenced by the numerous commercials that constantly market foods and you will get to spend time with your loved ones (which is what the Holidays should be all about) at the same time.