I have seen so many people writher in fear at just the thought of completing a certain task in the gym. The doubt creeps in and I can see their faces practically melt before my eyes. I see the disappointment, disgust, and anguish pour out of them before they even proceed to rattle off those classic lines: “Ugh!!!  Sliders…again? I hate those!” And let’s not forget the oh-so original, “I can’t do these!” or, “I suck at those!”

Here’s the thing: how are you going to get better at something if you don’t try it wholeheartedly? If you’re trying to achieve a certain goal, why would you not give it 100%? That doesn’t seem to make any sense to me! At the end of the day, there is one person to look at in the mirror. Yourself. That’s the only person who knows if they gave it their all that day.

The majority of the results we seek will be achieved when we get out of our comfort zone. Want to lose weight?  Clean up your diet.  Want to get stronger? Throw some weight on the bar. Want to tone up your midsection? Do an extra set of core. Really, I can go on for days.

Results aren’t achieved overnight. It’s a long process of continued progression. My motto is to be 1% better every day. If I can make myself 1% better than yesterday, I will be 100% better than I was the day I started in just a few months.

Now, TFW DuPage Familia, I have a challenge for you. With Josh being out of town for trips in July, I will be at the gym from 4:15pm until close every night he is not there. I challenge everyone to BRING IT! If you say you’re going to come to the 5pm class, be there. If class starts at 6pm, don’t stroll in at 6:05 and then start rolling out. Don’t cheat yourself and take the easy way out - get out of your comfort zone. Be ready to go and bring it!  

I’m asking you to be 1% better today than you were yesterday and every day for the rest of July. And let’s carry this momentum into August and into our new location. We're going to finish this summer out with a bang! It’s about time we start hitting more PR’s, weight goals, and the dreams you want to achieve.

There comes a time when you have to put all bull shit aside and just get it done. The time is now.


Your Coach,