Before I let you know what one of the biggest mistakes is when it comes to getting body transformation results....

....let me invite you to the TFW DuPage 8 Week Challenge, sign up ends this Saturday.

Check out our website for more info but we're talking amazing training with our full coaching team, Nutrition Seminar, cookbook prepared specifically for this challenge, and strategy sessions.

This is open to everyone!

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Lesson about getting "unstuck"...

Ok, so one of my mentors has written the Handful Diet Ebook, as a free resource to help people get started with their nutrition in a simple, step-by-step way.

It has....

- Grocery list

- Step-by-step plan and simple rules

- Examples of fat loss plans

- Examples of lean muscle building plans

By the way you can get it HERE.

It's free but you have to put in your e-mail through which you get to read this wonderful email :)

They take a lot of time creating free content from the ebook to help people start their transformation journey.

How many "resources" have you got that are created to help you reach your goals that you don't even open?

= > read a stat that 80% of ebooks purchased never even get started <=

People are drowning in information and thirsty for transformation!

I would LOVE if everything we put out got acted upon....the reality is very very few do.

So they stay stuck.

I used to be the same way many times, which is why when I'm committed to changing something very important to me I hire coaches and join programs that keep me committed and on point.  

You see, without...

Access... to expert knowledge and coaching

Accountability => this is HUGE

Association... being around people going through the same obstacles and struggles, supporting you and  succeeding together!

...people stay stuck.

Is that you?

Have you got tons of resources but never acted on it (or fell off fast because you couldn't stick to it)?

You can change ANYTHING in your life.

But you can't expect different results doing the same things over and  over.

Your Coach,



P.S. Let us know you're coming to the TFW 8 Week Challenge (at the NEW LOCATION!!!)

Bring a friend, have a blast and challenge yourself as well as see why we do what we do,  what we do and how we do it so you can realize how it can help you finally make a body transformation.