The obvious meaning of a PR in the fitness industry is “Personal Record”. Passing your previous best max is the culmination of days and weeks of hard work. It’s getting 1% better every day in between the max dates. It’s not just your personal record, it’s the platform that displays your persistence and resilience.  It’s your PR.

P- The “P” in PR stands for persistence. You personally took time to keep getting better. You personally made an effort to continue to get in the gym and keep grinding. You personally pushed yourself every workout to break past those previous thresholds. You personally got out of your comfort zone. You personally challenged yourself. You personally showed persistence. See a pattern yet? PR’s are set by you, from you, and because of all the hard work you put in.

R- The "R" stands for resilience. Resilience to me means that no matter what, defeat will not be accepted. It is directly correlated to getting 1% better every day. You were resilient all the way through the exercise and finished the rep completely.  You were resilient to the grind. You were resilient to the temptations in the kitchen. You were resilient to the continued fatigue and pushed through it! You personally were resilient to defeat, thus setting a PR.

So TFW Familia, let us continue to be persistent. We shall show our resilience by constantly breaking through our previous best. Let’s shatter our PR’s in and out of the gym and continue to improve. Remember, PR’s aren’t only set in the gym, they’re set multiple times a day in every avenue of your life. Go out there and set some PR’s!

Oh, and don’t forget to ring the PR bell at the gym!


Your coach,


Some great persistence and resilience shown this week.

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