Ever wonder why you are not seeing the results that you deserve after all your hard work? You may feel like you are doing everything you possibly can to lose weight, but nothing is working.

We have compiled 6 common fitness myths that may be causing your lack of results.

Myth #1: In order to lose weight, you need to cut carbs completely

Carbs are found in any kind of starches, such as potatoes, as well as noodles, fruit, vegetables, and many different grains and seeds. Carbs are looked at as "bad" when it comes to weight loss. However, carbs in moderation can help your body with its energy reservoir. Energy comes from carbohydrates that are immediately used to fuel your muscles during exercise!

There are good carbs and bad carbs. Bad carbs come from processed foods such as white bread, pastas and cereals. Good carbs come from brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, vegetables, etc. Good carbs, or complex carbs, take the body a longer time to digest, and do not cause as drastic of an insulin response as the processed carbs. This means you won't get an afternoon crash after your lunch, instead you'll have energy for hours to come and fuel for your next workout.

Myth #2: The more you sweat, the more weight you are shedding

Sweat is not an indicator of fat loss. Sweat is your body’s way of releasing heat and cooling your body down. While some people sweat more than others, it is not because their workout is more intense; it is just because their body has a different way of cooling down and releasing inner body heat.

Myth #3: If I do long distance cardio, I do not need to do weightlifting

While cardio is good for your body as a whole, it is not a substitute for weight training. It is important to have your goal in mind when thinking about cardio. If your goal is to be able to run a marathon, then cardio is definitely the most important component of your workout program.

However, for weight loss and muscle gain, cardio is not the only thing your body needs. Once a body gets used to a workout or routine, it starts to burn less and less calories. In order to keep our bodies burning calories, keeping it on its toes by going from cardio to weights is vital.

Myth #4: If you aren’t sore, it wasn't a good workout

Soreness does not necessarily mean that you had a better workout. Soreness means that there is inflammation in your muscles due to the tiny tears that happen in the muscles when working out. Soreness is based on the chemical reaction to the inflammation in the muscles.

You may feel more sore in muscles that are not often used and muscles that are overused. Muscles that are expending more force and energy than they are used to are going to be sore. Muscles that are a part of a grueling workout but put out the perfect amount of exertion will not be sore.

Myth #5: Muscles that are the biggest are the strongest

While muscles that are big can be strong, that does not mean that all big muscles are very strong. Some people train their muscles to be big, while others train their muscles to be strong. Some people train just to have big muscles that look good, however they are not training to sustain and lift a heavy amount of weight. Do not be afraid that you are weak because of a lack of muscle definition. Alternately, do not be afraid that being strong means that you have to have big muscles!

Myth #6: A protein bar is enough for a meal replacement

Many of the protein bars in circulation are extremely processed, which can be easier for our bodies to digest. The easier our body can digest foods, the less calories it takes to digest. What this means that the sustainability of the protein bar is diminished because we are able to get the protein into our system fast. Foods that take more calories to digest have a better chance of sustaining the body and acting as a meal replacement!

If you have been living by the regards of any of the above myths, you may have just found the reason for your disappointment in your workouts and results. Through proper training and fueling our bodies the right way, there should be no reason why we cannot have the body we all want!

If you're tired of not seeing results because of fitness myths, contact us today to get on the right track!