After training for 12 months with your personal trainer, hopefully you have shed off all that weight you’ve gained over the past 15 years. If you haven't, maybe you are missing a key lesson in weight loss. Well fret not; here are seven things that trainers want you to know about weight loss!

1. Weight Loss = Caloric Deficit?

The simple equation to it all, weight loss just means more calories are being burned than consumed. If only it were this simple. If it were this simple, you could easily eat to your heart's content for the day and then burn away those calories before the day ends. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to weight loss than calories in vs. calories out. Nutrition should be addressed as part of your weight loss plan.

2.   Diet is more effective than exercise

Your trainer may have discussed changing your diet, because it really is that important. Through careful planning and manipulation of your macro-nutrients and an individualized program, you’d be losing pounds faster than if you were just exercising alone.

3. You don’t need to remove carbohydrates and fat from your diet

The whole “fat and carbs are evil” fad has long plagued the fitness industry, with food products around you promising “0% fat,” or high proteins that will aid in your fat loss journey. But the truth is healthy types and amounts of carbs as well as natural fats are crucial for optimal health.

4. HIIT is more effective than long distance running

Maybe you’ve glanced upon an advertisement of Mike Chang’s “Six Pack Shortcuts” where he claimed you could continue burning fat 24 hours after your workout has ended. Well, this statement isn’t wrong, but your fat doesn’t burn. Instead, your metabolic rate increases substantially for up to 36 hours after a high-intensity workout due to the after burn effect. So skip those long distance running you’ve been doing and opt for a more intense workout session of sprints and intervals to lose weight more effectively.

5. Cardio is helpful

Cardio is important if you want to lose weight, but it shouldn't be your only form of exercise. If you are able to control your diet and strength train consistently, cardio can simply be an addition to your workout program and not the main component.

6. Most weight loss supplements do not work

Weight loss supplements by companies claiming to detox your body or burn your fat faster are mostly just scams. True, certain products that use compounds such as L-carnitine do work to increase the metabolism of fats.  Other than that, weight loss supplements are either filled with caffeine to suppress hunger or low doses of laxatives are added to empty your bowels.

7. Lowering your water intake does not cause you to lose weight

Water intake does not cause any “weight gain” in the sense that what you see on the scale is merely water weight. If your true objective is to lose fat, losing weight should not be accomplished by limiting your water intake. Dehydration will not only decrease the metabolism of your body, but could cause potentially harmful health problems.

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