Getting back into fitness is never an easy task. After all, everyone is pressed for time in a day where we roughly have 17 hours of conscious time or less. With that being said, it’s always a good idea to get back into being more active, especially during this holiday season. Moderation is key for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Here are five ways to kick start your journey to being more active this holiday.

Understand That Your Laziness Is Natural

If your life has always been a grind before you started slacking off, understand that it is only natural for you to feel tired and drained. Your initial “rest week” could have started a downward spiral into laziness, but you have to forgive yourself to move on. Everyone has a moment of weakness but you can't let it destroy your progress. You don’t need negativity bringing you down when you’re already fighting the mental war of getting back to the gym. Accept the fact that everything that has happened is in the past – move on with a positive mindset.

Switch Up Your Routine to Get Yourself Motivated

The reason why you started getting lazier could have been because of a lack of motivation. Everyone needs excitement to keep them going, and that can be achieved simply by switching up your workout routine. Don’t let yourself get lost in boredom. Spice up you workout!

Understand That Strength and Fitness Gains Are Not Lost for Good

The reason why most regular athletes are reluctant to start the process of training from an inactive state is because of the effort needed to start from the beginning. They are afraid that the effort needed would be just as hard as the initial effort, which they’ve completed previously. Don’t be discouraged by this myth. It has been proven that strength gains come back more easily than the first time you started. In fact, if you’ve merely taken a break of less than a month, chances are your strength level has barely even dropped!

Build Your Habits Back Up

Having the warrior mentality when it comes to getting your fitness life back in order is especially important. If you want your routine to stick, you’ve got to build your habits back up, regardless of how you’re feeling. Start a schedule and stick to it daily. Make sure essential things like sleep, meals and stretching remain consistent.

Create Competition

Another strategy you may wish to adopt is increasing the competitive nature of your workouts. You could aim to beat your previous personal best or get a workout partner to compete with. Not only will this increase your motivation and desire to work out, but you will stick to your workout schedule in order to maximize your training.

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