Have you ever wondered why certain people are able to have long, slim bodies despite their massive appetite? Or perhaps you’ve questioned why your body seems to be bulkier as compared to your peers despite your very conservative eating habits.

The simple answer is this: Body Types. Every one of us has a different body type based on characteristics we are genetically endowed with. It is because of these characteristics that result in the different way we put on weight and muscle. Without further ado, let’s dive into the three body types – Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph.


An ectomorph can be easily distinguished from the crowd by their small and skinny bone structure, along with relatively long limbs. Often times labeled as the “skinny” or “lanky” looking person, ectomorphs boast of an extremely high metabolism as compared to mesomorphs and endomorphs. They are usually filled with energy and have very little muscle growth on their body. Because of that, they tend to lean towards a lower body fat as compared to their weight.


Mesomorphs are found in the middle of the spectrum, with a relatively lean physique that packs on muscles rather quickly. They have a somewhat fast metabolism, though not comparable to that of an ectomorph. Mesomorphs put on muscles easily on their larger bone structure and have the same characteristics of a low body fat percentage, making them the ideal body type and one that many lusts after. Common characteristics of a mesomorph include having a well and symmetrical built, small waist and large musculature.


Endomorphs are the polar opposites of ectomorphs. Having a much larger bone structure along with the lowest metabolic rate amongst the three body types, an endomorph is often viewed as someone on the heavier side of the scale. A typical endomorph finds it harder to manage their weight and fatty deposits seem to retain more easily in their body. You can easily spot an endomorph from their large frame, insatiable appetite as well as high fat accumulation in various places of their body.

With that being said, does that mean that every one of us solely belongs to either one of these groups? It doesn’t! You’ll realize that some of the characteristics you see in yourself are in fact from a combination of the different body types. And that’s just about right! As long as you’re able to work your way around the different characteristics of your body, you’ll be in greater control of your health.

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