1 – No One Cares if you Make Progress

This is a hard one to face, but it is reality. Sure there are those that help you on the path and those that would like to see you succeed. But when it comes down to it, no one cares if you make progress or not. If you are overweight and feel self-conscious about it, no one will lose sleep if you don’t change, no one will cease to exist, and no one’s life will be dramatically affected if you don’t lose weight.

The Fix: You need to focus on the goals you want and make the best decisions for how to get there. Do your friends want to go out drinking after work tonight but you want to go to the gym? Go to the gym, you can save drinks for another night. Does a significant other want dessert but you don’t? Tempting but you can say no, you can refuse. Eventually those you surround yourself with will come around, but you need to be stubborn about it. Remember they are your goals, not anyone else’s.

2 – You Will Never Look Like that Fitness Model

It is pretty well known up to this point that when you open up magazine, the pictures of those beautiful people staring back at you are altered. Waistlines are slimmed, thighs are toned, stretch marks removed, skin is darkened to look tan, lighting, position, and other tactics are taken to make that person look better on the page than real life. Before any of that happens, keep in mind these models lives are centered on keeping their bodies’ photo shoot ready and are paid to do so.

The Fix: Realize these models or whomever else you compare yourself to is not you. You can live the same exact way and not get the results they have. Our bodies are all different, it is part of what makes us human and amazing. Learn to accept the body you have and know that you are working to make the best version of yourself possible. Put down the fitness fiction.

3 – Family/Close Friend’s Sabotage

Close friends and family can be the worst in sabotaging your progress. Loved ones can bake treats, grandmothers can push extra portions, and friends can convince you that a night of wine is better than a sweaty class. On top of that, we tend to compare ourselves to others constantly, so your success in a friends mind can be a reflection of what they themselves are not doing. This can lead to feelings of jealousy but also feelings of shame.

The Fix: Keep in mind that though you may be on the track of getting fit, others may not. It is usually worse with significant others. They may not do it consciously but these are forms of sabotage. A grandmother pushing extra food may not be doing it to make you gain weight but because her feeding you is a form of love, friends asking you to drink with them can just mean they enjoy your company. While your goals are not their goals, you both can learn to live with them. Be firm in your responses and goals and those who care will come around.

4 – The “Too Busy” Excuse is just BS

Saying you are ‘too busy’ to workout is a horrible excuse. If you really do want something, you will find the time. Yes, some people lives are packed with work, family, and social obligations, but you need to put yourself first sometimes. If you are not healthy, you cannot work to your best potential or be the best parent or brother. Saying you are too busy just covers up the truth – you just do not want to do it.

The Fix: There are plenty of great workouts you can do at home and in short amounts of time. If you do not like the gym, you can look for other options to keep you healthy.

5 – You are probably not eating right

You may have heard this several times before but it is beyond true. So true that you may not realize it until after you make the change. Many struggle with weight for years before they start making dietary changes. Thinking you eat well is not good enough. We tend to underestimate calories and overeat on ‘healthy’ foods.

The Fix: To clean up your eating habits try tracking what you eat using an app like MyFitnessPal. This will give you a good idea as to what you are really putting into your body. Also, do yourself a favor and get yourself a few sessions with a dietitian. He or she will help you figure out the best nutrition plan.

Have you come to terms with one or more of the hard truths listed above? Contact us today if you are ready for success!