To be successful in fitness you need to have a goal in mind, otherwise you will just float in and out of the gym.

Have a hard time with goal setting? Here are some tips.

1 – Pick something you want to accomplish.

The more specific the better. If you want to lose 10 pounds, ask yourself ‘why?’ at least three times to determine your reason. Big goals are great. Aim big. But the goal needs to be specific. Here are some questions to help you decide:

  • What excites me? Losing 10 pounds is rarely exciting but running a Half Marathon, fitting into that red dress, or not getting tired on that hike in Columbia may be.
  • Can I define it? Can you pin point what exactly you mean by your stated goal. This may be personal. What does losing 10 pounds mean to you? What does running the Half Marathon mean to you? What does fitting into that red dress mean to you?
  • Can I act upon it today? What can you do starting today to get you closer? Can you look up Half Marathons in your area and pick one that is a reasonable time away? Can you research that hike in Columbia?

2 – Break it Down

You have your goal, now you need to establish the path. If you want to run a Half Marathon (13.1 miles), you need to break it down into a running schedule where you will gradually work up the mileage. Perhaps you will start at 3 runs per week – one short, one interval run for speed, and one long run that you add mileage one every week. Breaking down your goal will allow you to get the feeling of accomplishment and chip away at something that may seem daunting at first.

3 – Taking the First Step

Make sure that the first step is easy. In fact, make it so easy that you cannot fail. If you want to fit into that red dress, start by making sure you drink 16oz of water first thing after waking up. Still too hard? Make it 8oz. Remember you just want to get that sense of accomplishment here to start building the momentum of success. Each micro goal serves as a jumping point for the next one.

4 – Modify and Forgive

The randomness of life can get in the way. Sickness, growing workloads, or family issues can throw curve balls into your planned schedule – that is just life. Modify and keep going. Were you too tired to run today after work? Forgive yourself but pick back up tomorrow. One hiccup is not an excuse to fall off completely.

5 – Get Help

Someone needs to be there to hold you accountable, this is where a trainer comes in. Hire a trainer to not only help you plan out your schedule, but keep you accountable.

Stay focused. Work hard. Improve daily.

Have a specific goal you want to accomplish? Contact us today to get started!