Do you have a weak mid-section? Try holding a plank for 40 seconds. If you fail or if form is altered in any way, you probably need some work.

Try adding these proven movements into your routine:

Ab Rollouts

Ab Rollouts are one of the most beneficial core strengthening exercises. They target the entire front of the body as well as engaging glutes and back.

 Kneel on a mat or the floor and place hands on ball (or ab wheel).

  1. Roll it forward while allowing your hips and shoulders to drop down towards the ground(hips and shoulder should stay in line with each other.
  2. When you have extended all the way, or as far as you can, roll back.

Pro Tip: This exercise is best done with a stability ball for beginners. The bigger the ball, the easier the movement. Overtime, you can graduate to a ab wheel or a barbell with plates on each side.

For each progression, be sure to hit 3 sets of 10 with no low back pain before progressing to the next level.

Stir the pot

 Planks are a great isometric movement to strengthen the core. Most find it boring and quit long before they can really get benefit. Try this variation using a Swiss ball.

  1. Get into a low plank position with your forearms on a Swiss ball.
  2. Keep your hands together and pretend you have a big wooden spoon.
  3. Make a big circular motion and ‘stir the pot’.
  4. Be sure to keep your core tight and your glutes engaged
  5. Try to minimize movement in the lower back(keep it flat)
  6. Do 10-20 on one side then repeat on the other.

Pallof Press

 This movement works your complete midsection and can be done in several positons.

  • Tall Kneel
  • Half Kneel
  • Standing

And using different equipment:

  • Cables
  • Tubing
  • Monster Bands
  • Dumbbell
  1. Attach a single handle to a cable pulley system.
  2. Adjust the cable so that it is just below your chest (if standing)
  3. Grab the handle and align in the middle of your chest
  4. Press the handle straight out.
  5. Be sure to keep your hips and shoulders square and not rotate your body as you press
  6. Start with a light weight and move your way up.
  7. If standing is too hard try a full kneel then ½ kneel and finally standing.

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