For those who have adapted fitness into their lives, location changes can be quite a nuisance. Whether it is travel for business, travel for enjoyment, or moving to a new location, these situations put us out of our comfort zones and take away feelings of stability that come from routines.

We are creatures of habit and anything that disrupts our patterns affects us in many ways, including exercise and eating patterns. Realize that these opportunities are fantastic for growth. Learning to adapt and be flexible is a great skill. Keep an open mind and do what you can with what you have.

Here are a few tips to overcome travel weight gain:

1) Plan ahead. Chances are you know where you are moving or vacationing a good while in advance. With this foresight, look into gyms and places to eat near your area. When you arrive you may feel out of place, but at least you will have a plan.

2) Modify your choices when eating out. Moving or traveling also means packing and unpacking. The stress of travel usually ends leaving us tired and hungry, which will inevitably lead to eating out. Stick to pizza places, go to diners, or a grill/sandwich place. If in a vacation area, enjoy the local food but pay attention to what you are eating. Many times, even the least healthy places will offer at least one thing that would be a better fit for you.

Easy modifications to make food healthier:

  • Dressing on the side
  • Get a wrap as a salad
  • Ask for light/no seasoning
  • Get steamed veggies instead of chips or fries
  • Make sure the veggies are not drenched in butter
  • Grab water instead of a flavored drink

3) Simply ask. There may be someone around you who may also be living a healthy lifestyle. Ask around and you may be surprised what people know. Better yet, ask someone at the gym you found by planning ahead.

4) Think outside the box and make a gym anywhere. You do not need a building to perform your workout. It may not be what you are used to at home, but in terms of keeping the habit going, you need to move. Go for a run on that beautiful beach, do laps in the pool, stick to bodyweight movements such as squats, pushups, and pullups, or use luggage as weight for movements like bent over rows or overhead presses. Anything you do will be better than sitting on the couch. A quick workout is great to clear your head and add some normality back into your life.

5) Give yourself time to adjust. New place, new schedule, new routines. It will all take time to get accustomed. Be sure to not stress out over it, and realize you will get back into the groove in no time. A few days/weeks off our normal gym routine will not set us back that much in the long scheme of things. If on a vacation, you will hit the gym hard when you get back home.

7) Realize it happens to the best of us. If we were always on a the same life routine, life would get pretty boring. Accept changes in schedule as a challenge to overcome. The workouts may not be amazing, but there will be time for that once your schedule stabilizes. Now who's ready for the beach?

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