Are you frustrated because your most recent diet has just failed? Are you always stuck in a constant cycle of starting a diet, only to fail a few days or week after? We've all been there. We’ll be take a look at the main reason as to why you are failing and hopefully kick start your diet in a new direction!

Most people fail because they are not planning specifically, accurately and intricately enough. Many people start off cutting out fried and fatty food, thinking that is enough. Unfortunately, that is not the best approach.

Regardless of the diet, you must always have an outcome that you wish to see come into fruition from the diet. When you start a diet, start with the goal and end result.

Another reason your diet is failing is because you tried to take on too much at once. When you don’t plan, you tend to plunge right into the centre of the diet in full force, hoping that somehow your willpower will see you through.

That will never work because your body is biologically inclined to satiate itself. You have to take it slow and start planning for the various events that could occur. This means taking into account variances for the day, the amount of energy needed by your body and tracking the food you eat. When you don’t plan for your diet, you miss out on all these aspects and are naturally predisposed to failure.

Even the most intricate planning will not lead to a successful diet if you fail to have this – discipline. You have to have the discipline to follow through with the planning. In the past, you may have failed because you thought you lacked the discipline, but now that you have a plan, all you have to do is follow it. There are no excuses, just plain following of rules. Once you master discipline, you will never fail another diet ever again!

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