Staying in shape requires a lot of effort, but you can make it easier for yourself! Using your smartphone, here are five apps that can help you stay in shape with the click of a button!


This is a must have for every health enthusiast or those that count their macronutrients religiously, MyFitnessPal is the world class standard for tracking the food you eat. Not only does MyFitnessPal allow you to scan the barcode of food items, but you are able to manually input and even take the data entered by other users for your tracking. It's truly a convenient app for those who wish to take their diet to the next level!


Staying in shape includes getting adequate rest, and that means tracking your sleep cycle is equally as important as that of your nutrients. SleepBot functions as a sleep cycle tracker and smart alarm, allowing you to track the quality of your sleep as well as wake up smoothly for a good work out. If you work out early in the morning, SleepBot is the perfect app for you. You’ll never have a bad workout in the morning once you start using this!


RunKeeper allows outdoor enthusiasts track their workout such as running, walking or even cycling with build in goal setters and personalized schedules to ensure you stay motivated and on track. It also allows you to sync your Spotify playlist with the app so you never feel short of motivation on any of your runs.


Jefit is a fitness and bodybuilding app that helpds you stay in shape through its tracking services. With a variety of functions such as personalized workout routines, tracking and recording, synchronization with social media and weight and rep recording, this is the perfect app for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to learn more about themselves through their workouts. Jefit has all the necessary functions that you need for success!


If you enjoy eating food that is both healthy and tasty, then Yummly is one of the few apps that you should get your hands on. With thousands of customized recipes, along with the classification of your cooking skills, you are able to easily whip up the dish with the help of this app. It's great for those trying to stay in shape with their dietary needs, Yummly will help you achieve your goals in no time!

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